Stephanie Collier

Stephanie Collier comes from a line of church organists. Her grandmother was the first female organist of her church community in Mittelbach, Germany, and her mother played organ for a church in Kleinmachnow, Germany. Stephanie has played piano and violin since the age of 5 and has performed with orchestras and chamber music ensembles in Germany and the US. Only recently, however, has she decided to learn the instrument that was so loved by her mother and grandmother. Stephanie works as a psychiatrist at McLean Hospital and enjoys hiking, travel, and learning new languages.


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Christian opened my eyes to the history and culture of organ music. He taught us about the context of composers’ lives, the make of different organs, and how this knowledge can enrich our musical decisions in playing each piece. Christian encouraged me to attend master classes and perform in student recitals, which helped me to grow more confident and serious about performance.
— Olivia Chen