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Located in the cradle city of the American pipe organ, Boston Organ Studio encourages students of all ages towards perfection of organ performance art.

Christian Lane Laura Gullett Woolsey Hall Yale
Christian Lane teaches at a level alongside some of today’s most respected conservatory and university organ pedagogues.
— Joey Fala, Winner of the AGO Pogorzelski-Yankee Scholarship
Christian Lane Kade Phillips

Through private lessons, group classes, and regular performance opportunities, students grow in knowledge while cultivating essential skills. 

Christian Lane is one of the most genuinely kindhearted, benevolent teachers I have ever encountered.
— David von Behren, featured on NPR's "From the Top" and winner of Jack Kent Cooke Prize
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Local excursions and international study tours deepen perspective while building community.

Daniel Roth Jordan Abbasi Christian Lane Laura Gullett St. Sulpice
As I prepared for various international organ competitions this year, I often made a five hour drive to work with Christian Lane.
— Alcée Chriss, Longwood Gardens International Organ Competition 2nd Prize winner
Christian Lane with students at Old West Church

As the largest private organ studio in the country, students benefit from a robust and vibrant atmosphere.

Sharing common goals but varied perspectives, students range from beginner to advanced and bridge Boston's institutions of higher education.

I never dreamed I would one day love playing the organ as much as I do. I attend graduate school for biology but feel as though I’m getting a conservatory experience in organ at the same time.
— Jennifer Hsiao, Harvard PhD student

With internationally-recognized organist Christian Lane, students benefit from tailored instruction in a supportive and stimulating environment.

Christian Lane
Studying with Chris is one of the foremost privileges of my lifelong-learning career, and I have grown tremendously as a musician through his gentle and unfailing expectation. His patience, professionalism, and astonishing ear for detail place him amongst the ranks of the great pedagogues.
— Kade Phillips, MIT student and aspiring organ builder
Boston Organ Studio in Paris, 2017

Whether beginning or advanced, amateur or working professional, Boston Organ Studio welcomes all who wish to grow as musicians, artists, and humans.