Helen Sibila

Helen is a junior at Tufts University, from Canton, Ohio. She studies Art History and Cognitive and Brain Sciences and has studied music since she was seven. 

She found music through dance and is a huge fan of Tchaikovsky. Her favorite time signature is ¾. Along with organ, she plays piano, and live music in general is very important to her and her well-being. She likes going to music festivals with her mom, especially!

Helen is also dedicated to the arts/crafts community at Tufts, where she managed the Crafts Center this past year. Art and cooperative living are her favorite! She prefers cats to dogs, and rosemary and ginger are her favorite spices, which she uses in her many baking projects. Helen so excited to have been a student under Christian Lane and is hoping to continue her study of pipe organ as much as possible while living in Boston!