Oskar Kocol

Oskar was born and raised in Poland where he want to the National Music School in Debica to play clarinet. This instrument turned out to not be Oskar's favorite. This way he kept experimenting with playing piano, accordion, saxophone, tin whistle and violin. It was in his high school, Dulwich College, London, where he first played organ. After two years of recreational organ playing he met Christian Lane and decided to bring his organ skill to the next level. After a year of organ tuition with Christian, for the first time ever, Oskar played for general public in Old West Church in Boston. Oskar is looking forward playing organ more often during his Junior and Senior year at Harvard College.

Christian is a gifted teacher who helped me transition from being a pianist trying to play organ to being an actual organist who knows what he is doing with his instrument.
— Oskar Kocol