Chong Ai Cho

Chong Ai Cho is a passionate pianist and organist who earned her Bachelor in Music Degree in Piano Performance in Sacred Heart College in Seoul, South Korea. She had extensive teaching experience as a music teacher after her graduation. While her husband was earning his PhD in Economics in Johns Hopkins university, she studied with a Zhanna Friedman in Peabody Institute of Music, where she performed many concerts in Leikin Hall. Currently, Chong Ai enjoys sacred music and plays as an organist in her church in Ulsan, Korea, where she lives with her husband. She has two children, living in Boston and New York, who she taught music throughout their lives.

Christian Lane has been a wonderful organ teacher for five years. He has taught me the fundamentals of organ practice which helped my skills to improve drastically. As a church organist I can now play with confidence and mastery of my performances for my local church events.

I look forward to learning from Chris when I next visit Boston.
— Chongai Cho